cHAP (Certified Healthcare Administrative Professional)

Certified Healthcare Administrative Professionals demonstrate that they possess expertise necessary to thrive in a progressive and demanding field. Through a combination of professional experience, education and other career-expanding activities, candidates are eligible to sit for an online test designed to measure occupational knowledge and skills. Those who successfully complete the examination are conferred the cHAP designation, demonstrating exceptional talent for and commitment to healthcare administration.

cHAP designees enjoy the pride of recognition for being among the elite in the critical and demanding field of healthcare. cHAP is a premier credential based on in-depth assessment of substantive skills that provide value and distinction in an increasingly competitive marketplace. The cHAP handbook is a comprehensive guide that gives the applicant all the pertinent information along with the cHAP application. To avoid problems with the processing of your application, please follow the guidelines outlined in the handbook and comply with the published deadlines. Contact AHCAP Headquarters for more information.

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